Hello!  I’m Akira Tatehora.

Akira means “hopeful、bright、cheerful” in Japanese.

I’m an Application agency administrative scrivener.

I do the procedure for the visa application instead of you.

So you shouldn’t go to Immigration Bureau.

I’ll help you if you need!


Procedure Agency(手続代行)

Work visas(就労ビザ)、

Residence status(在留資格)

Employment contract(雇用契約)

Employment procedures(外国人の雇用手続)

Immigration control(出入国管理に関する業務)

About Acquisition of Japan nationality(日本国籍の取得にかかわる)

Naturalization Application for Minister of Justice (法務大臣への帰化申請)

Preparation of examination documents(さまざまな審査書類作成)

To change a residence status(在留資格の変更をしたい)

To get et a permanent residence [residency] visa


To get  a job with working Visa(日本で就労の在留資格を取って働きたい)

Entrepreneurship in Japan




Requisition for Certificate of Eligibility:在留資格認定証明書交付請求 

 from 154,000 yen~(経営・管理 ⇒ 220,000 yen~)

Apply  for renew of certificate of Eligibility:在留資格更新許可申請     

 from     71,500 yen~

 Apply  for change of status of residence:在留資格変更許可申請

 from     154,000 yen~(経営・管理 ⇒ 220,000 yen~)

Apply  for permission of permanent residence:永住許可申請              
 from     176,000 yen

Apply  for naturalize:帰化申請        

 from     220,000 yen


You need some “Revenue Stamps”

And you need to transportation expenses reimbursement for me.